Mobile cold therapy and heat therapy

The mollicool thermotherapy system provides pain relieve and deswelling after trauma, surgery, exercise and during rehabilitation in a portable and independent device.

The mollicool system

(Development-) project

mollicool thermotherapy system

Thermally optimized mollicool thermotherapy system: with the lowest weight in its class of devices, mollicool will provide true portability and user convenience. Low power consumption will enable grid-independent operation for more than 2h, which even can be extended by use of additional batteries. Thermally optimized design will enable unprecedented speed in reaching temperatures between 5°C and 43°C.

MolliCool Gerät


The completely encapsulated molliPad cooling bandage: will prevent coolant leakage and allow simple and convenient application. molliPads are optimally designed and manufactured for different areas of application and body regions.
The heat exchanger is simply plugged into the mollicool device and the cooling pad is attached to the body - off you go. The molliPad meets the highest hygiene standards and is easy to clean, as no contact with the coolant is necessary.

mollicool applications

The mollicool thermotherapy system adapts to your needs: the appropriate molliPad is easily integrated into standard bandages and orthoses.

MolliCool Anwendung

The benefits

Optimal cooling

The temperature is set to the exact degree between 5 and 43 ° C to suit your application and personal well-being.


Thanks to the low weight and the integrated Li-ion batteries, you remain mobile during the treatment.

Easy to use

No coolant required! Simply switch it on and plug the molliPad's heat exchanger into the device - and your thermotherapy begins.

Hygienic and low-maintenance

The completely encapsulated system is easy to clean and meets the highest hygiene requirements.

Areas of application

Cold or heat therapy offers advantages in a wide range of application scenarios through pain relief and de-swelling. The precise temperature setting prevents delays in the healing process and tissue damage due to hypothermia. The early mobilization and decentralized use also outside of the clinic and practice, which is aimed at in rehabilitation, is supported by the low weight of the device.

Post-surgical thermotherapy

Rehabilitation treatment

Orthopedics and trauma surgery

Chemotherapy (polyneuropathy, hair loss)

Veterinary Medicine

Dental medicine

Cosmetic surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery

Sports Medicine

Pain therapy (migraine, rheumatism)

About us

Origin and motivation

It all started in a meeting where our colleague complained about his swollen, sore ankle. He had broken it months ago and had an operation. But it was still not whole and painful. "A cooling element that takes swelling and pain away, but shouldn't be as freezing as the usual ice packs ..." What temperature? The surprising answer: around 10-20 ° C.

After he received a first experimental cooling element with surprising euphoria, we decided to make this technology available through a medical technology spin-off. mollicool was born.


mollicool defines a new standard in thermotherapy in terms of precision and quality of treatment and offers outstanding convenience and user experience.


We make thermotherapy products with outstanding functionality, ease of use, portability and quality available for patients, doctors and nursing staff to make optimal thermotherapy a surprisingly pleasant experience with a convincing effect, wherever it is needed.

Our partners


Science2Start, 2nd prize, measurement of the heat flow

  • mollicool was created at the NMI Natural Science and Medical Institute at the University of Tübingen.
  • In 2017, mollicool won the 2nd prize in the Science2Start competition.
  • Publication: Link, G. and M. Stelzle (2017). "Measurement of temperature dependent heat flow rate from human limbs towards thermoelectric cooling device." Medical Devices and Diagnostic Engineering 2 (1): 72-74. Medical Devices and Diagnostic Engineering 2(1): 72-74.
Science2Start Urkunde

Founding team

The mollicool team consists of experts with extensive technological expertise, many years of experience in business development and R&D of medical devices. Together with our consultants, we strive for a product that optimally supports the recovery and well-being of our patients.

Stefan Thiele

Stefan Thiele

M.Sc. General Management­
B.Sc. Internat. Business

Business development

Martin Stelzle

Dr. Martin Stelzle

Dr. rer. nat. Physik­
Dipl. Physicist

Technical development

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